A.I. Powered Tools

Palleon is a browser-based creative promo tool. Palleon allows you to edit photos, create and design images, and A.I. image-generation tools; making this the #1 online image editor.

Using OpenAI’s groundbreaking Chat-GPT, we’ve created our own AI Assistant that you can use as an online guide for the internet. 


Site Patch Notes: November 2023

Network & HUB Updates

  • (HUB) removed “A.I. Journalist” feature (auto-post bot that gathered articles on the topics “A.I.”). Will add again when I have more editors and site-engineers. 
  • (HUB) re-added the A.I. chat bot, now named “Fafai” (Fresh Air Flavor’s initials + AI). Working on a front-end chat-bot solution for uploading your own images and “reimagining” them using A.I. photo editing
  • (HUB) added the Palleon photo editor to The Hub. You can now edit photos, create designs and create/edit images using the new A.I. tools from the latest Palleon update. 
  • (FAF) redesigned and created FreshAirFlavor.com, SoulManIT.com, FreshAirFlavor.com/Hub, FreshAirFlavor.com/Catalog
  • (FAF) designed websites for Guardian’s of Sound & Chef’s Outreach

YouTube Updates

Content : November 2023

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